Each year most people all over the world look forward to celebrate the end and, of course, the beginning of a new year with good health and great fun. To many, it represents a moment of celebration involving heavy eating and drinking. 

Some say it is just a new day with a change in secular calendar. Others consider it a time to evaluate their progress in life, viz a viz, their expectations. Irrespective of beliefs,one thing stands out;
an increase in age must occur in each year. The expectations of many lead to a resolution, a firm decision taking to do or not to do something, popularly called NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

In view of this, I see expectations and faith as friends of a new year. Why? It is because everyone expects something, no matter the state, and for those who are religiously minded faith in their God may result in the realization of their expectations. Expectations towards New Year differ and ranges from very high to very low or nothing. 

This is due largely to the differences in individuals’ physical, economic and spiritual state. For those that consider themselves optimist, a positive blood of expectation runs through their system. It starts from the first day, sometimes does not stop until the very last moment of the year. 

This is in contrast to the pessimist as their year is run and managed by uncertainty,fear, discouragement and complaint.As for Resolution, irrespective of the time made,it serves as a friend of change when making it and as judge of commitments when evaluating implementation.

However, as the year continues its journey of chapters wrapped in days, weeks and months, situations may change. The unexpected becomes the ruler of life for some individuals, organisations and even nations. Risk taking, beliefs, pragmatism, passion and tenacity become active part of life for those determine to succeed. 

At this time it could be felt that a New Year resolution is often easy to make but difficult to keep. Since change is inevitable in life, there will always be various expectations for the leaders and the led, employers and employees, parents and children, sellers and buyers.

 I believe resolution is a decision and thus should be planned and executed effectively.

I am an optimist, I believe in God and I have expectations. My expectations vary each year but I resolve to live my life to please my God, Jehovah, every year. I shall seek his counsel in all matters and think reasonable before acting.

 As regard work, I shall be industrious, invest in business that benefit humanity, uphold good moral standard and save. Amid unforeseen contingencies, I shall support my brothers and sister financially and morally when it is within my powers to do so.As for you,what do you make of each day you live and what have you decided to achieve?

Remember,you cannot see the picture when you are in the frame!Life has so many distraction. It is better to be yourself than be others.Be positive and expect positive change with Action,Belief and Consistency.The control of the mind is essential because you cannot be different from your thought.