The word"determination" has been described and defined by different people in various way,this may not be new to you.One of such description by Charles A Beard is "When it is dark enough,you can see the stars".But today I am looking at determination as it affects growth in various aspect of life.

In other word,I am looking at individuals determination to effect change in various aspect of life.Determination is a manifestation of courage.And courage,according to one writer,"Is the judgement that what you want is more important than your fear".When you are facing rough walls in life,you need to prepare and consume determination.

Really,most people are living in a life of their dream,some dreaming their life away in fear and negative self-talk,without real accomplishment. I share in Michael Carr's view that,"All kids are gifted:some just opened their packages earlier than others".Depending on how well you explore,determination is needed to capture the reality of life and match it with dreams. 

Do not get me wrong.When I say dream,it is not just the wish to acquire material success,fame or material elevation.It includes the wish to be positively transformed in every aspect of life.In other word,dream is the wish to become something or something in the future especially the type that appear difficult to achieve because of ones present condition.It could be material,emotional or spiritual.Dreams,I think, are often wrapped in faith irrespective of religious belief or background.

Sometimes,you never really know the value of what you have when you are dreaming of achieving something with what you do not yet have.Time,influences and means that you do not have become something you bemoan.The things you have may be something if you really know who you are,your strong-hold.Hamilton Wright once said"Nothing is lost upon a man who is bent upon growth;nothing wasted on one who is always preparing for life.By keeping eyes,mind and heart open to nature,men,books,experience and what he gathers serves him at unexpected moments in unforeseen."

 Well,don't be afraid of failure because it is something all successful people hold secretly in common on their way to fulfillment "One who makes no mistakes never makes anything".From time to time we shall examine who we are as an asset and not who we will become if we have the asset.