My name is Felix Ibizugbe a.I'm a christian blogger, writer,content creator and a biblical counsel Consultant. You can contact me if you need christian advice , writing services including: guest blogging service and ghost-writing service.

The first important thing to know about me is that I love and believe in God.I also love happiness and have a positive way of viewing problems as aid to development. I also know how to get people to focus on the most important thing in life. 
Few years ago my life was going down. I decided something has to change. So I started Reading articles, books and listening to personal development audio and video programs.Some of those material helped but still I felt a void.The big change in my mind and thought came when I started devoting more quality time to God's word - The Scriptures.The messages it shares is positive and of great significant value to me,especially when I meditate on them.

The Bible practically changed my life for the better.Reading the scriptures and writing about what I've read,seen and experience became my habit.

 Within a short period of my constant exposure to God's word, it began to have profound effect on my thoughts, beliefs, attitude and views. This moved me to gradually start making changes by setting goals, working on self-discipline and overcoming bad habits and temptation sin.

Everyone gets hurt sometimes and its part of life. The way each of us handles our hurt varies and can affect the results in life. I have walked the path of fear, made painful mistakes. But most importantly, I have learned the lessons that life teaches and came out victorious using the Scriptures as my tool.It's a life long process and with God's help,victory is mine.

I felt I have to share my experiences and encourage others to face life with courage using the best tool available to us all-THE BIBLE. To me, I own the society something good, Positive Pay Back. My resolve is clear. Until I make a contribution and continue to do so and spread the good news of God and Christ in this world that brought us all together my dreams will be unfulfilled.

So, I started showing interest in helping others overcome their fears through the teachings of Jesus Christ. It was through this act I discovered it would be wise to reach people through writing. Hence I created a blog and started writing to share what I have learned, and still learning, with others.

Happily, I have started making this inspirational and emotional contribution to people’s life. This is what I live for, this is what I do. My dreams are fulfilling. Everyone has something good to give if we could all look deeply within and search for God.This is a challenge in today's world.

I live for challenges. What is it that you face?  How is life affecting you? Have you completely given up or about to? Let me announce to you that it is not the end. Challenges make us strong. Obstacles are aids to our development. Failure is a discovery of new ideas.

I will like to be part of the good results in your life. Send me a message at felixibizugbe@gmail.com Let me see how we could work to improve on your challenges.May the peace of God and of my lord Jesus Christ be with you.